Online Card Promotions

How to get the Bank Specific Card Discounts

1. At Checkout no discount code is needed
2. Choose "Webx" as your payment method in payment section
3. You will be re-directed to Webx Interface
4. Choose Card Promotion ( Clicking on Visa or Master Icon does not matter)
5. Click Visa/Master Logo and Click Pay now
6. Please note that the discount will not be shown on the " Order Value" or "Total Payable"
7. Enter Payment Details to Pre-Authorize the card for discount . Rs.5 will be deducted
8. Enter OTP
9. Once the transaction is done you will be re-directed to the thank you page . How ever the final invoice does not show the discount applied , but the credited amount from your card will have the discount applied ( We are in the process of rectiying this error)

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