About Us

Zigma Jones as imagined by us is what a girl or woman would call “My Retail therapy, a brand that caters to the stylish and chic women in search of unique, fashionable yet simple clothing. We are a versatile brand with the ability to encourage independent workaholics by contributing via fashion to bring out the smart identity. We bring out the inner goddesses within by adding the trendiest colors and silhouettes to bring the charismatic women you are.

Zigma Jones is known for keeping up with the latest trends and has been successful on catering quality garments since 2016. The brand basically has had the ability to adapt international styles and modify it into unique pieces that suit the our customer base. Zigma Jones intends to adapt and evolve with the local and global market at the same pace or faster to provide our customer base with the hottest trends nonetheless being grounded to our core purpose of promoting individualism and assurance.

At the inception we aim to target women ages 16-40 of all sizes and through our journey we hope to grow our markets to achieve our wholehearted purpose of liberating individualism in the fashion industry

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